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I entered into the business world with a background strictly in Sciences. I started my career in Operations for a startup B2B manufacturing company that specialized in harvesting equipment for cannabis operations. This role helped me realize my passion for helping people excel their business in ways they couldn’t do alone which led me to this career. I have worked in Operations throughout my entire career and thrive working as a right-hand to Founders and Business Owners of small to medium size businesses and startups who want to scale.

 I am a project seeker and invest my time and myself deeply in my projects whether that be in my business or in my own time. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and understand the investment business owner’s make in their businesses. I am confident in my ability to be an excellent right hand to those who share the same drive as me as I enjoy breaking new ground and seeing projects excel from start to finish. Anyone who I have worked with previously would be able to attest to this.

Few things about me

- Spin class enthusiast

- 5am wake up calls

- Tea > Coffee

- Introverted Extravert


My role is to be your interim business partner or fractional COO during times of rapid business growth and development for your company. I am passionate about working with business owners who have specific goals for their business but require an invested partner to help them get there. I am driven by working towards efficiency and execution of projects and I thrive wearing multiple hats in a business or organization. I recognize that reaching new milestones for your business doesn’t always require full time help but also is challenging when you are trying to keep your current business ventures afloat. I envision a path of least resistance for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business and I am here to ease the journey.

I look forward to working with you.

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